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Jul 6, 2011

QR Codes For Your Wedding

I remember when the computers were black with green block letters; nothing spectacular to say the least!  Now, technology has changed in so many ways and has allowed us to take our computers with us and even have it on our phones. 
Now, the latest in technology is the QR Code, which is a specific barcode that is readable by dedicated QR readers and camera phones.  The information that’s provided can bring up more information on the product, a website, a telephone number, or other pertinent information on the brand.

Being a wedding planner, I’m always perusing Wedding and Bridal magazines and the codes are showing up everywhere to help brides gain more information on the things they may need for their wedding day; from bridal gowns, honeymoons, venues, caterers, florists, jewelers, and much more.  I’ve used them before and it’s definitely a lot easier to have information right at your fingertips, rather than to hunt for it. 

As an added bonus for me, being the chocolate lover and the business owner that I am, one of my favorite chocolate companies, Chocolate Graphics has come up with a way for you to combine chocolate and technology.  You can market your company by incorporating your website, Twitter feed, online catalogs, and YouTube onto milk, dark, or white chocolate.  How cool is that?!  I’d definitely be the one to get the information I needed and enjoy the chocolate later.  A brilliant way to combine technology and a sweet treat!

Thanks Michele for sharing this information on Chocolate Graphics and letting us know that chocolate can also be informative! 

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