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Jul 26, 2011

A Wedding In The Clouds

I decided to dedicate my Tuesday posts to theme and always include a fabulous pair of shoes!

Who doesn't love a great pair of Louboutin's?!  These have the blue bottom and will look like you're walking on a cloud!
Image Courtesy of FeatherInAShoe.BlogSpot.com

Brides come to us all the time with a theme, a vision, or torn out images from various magazines with no clear vision or direction on how to put it all together.  It’s up to us as wedding planners and event designers to put it together into a real concept.  If she’s always loved staring up into the clouds on a clear summer day and has had a vision of a wedding that reflects that, then here is the inspiration that I've come up with for this particular bride.

Doesn't this dress look like clouds are just falling from the bottom?  It would go great with those shoes up above wouldn't it?
Image Courtesy of Pinterest
 Of course the Bridesmaids should look fabulous and look as though they stepped from the sky as well.
Image Courtesy of WeddingDella.com
Isn't this just a beautiful place for a ceremony right under the clouds?
Image Courtesy of ATrendyWedding.com
And this ring bearer pillow that looks like your rings are being brought to you on a fluffy white cloud.
Image Courtesy of SewMamaSew.com
What's a wedding without cake?  How cute is this all white cake with a cloud-like flower accent?
Image Courtesy of AmazingWeddingCakes.com
For the cocktail, a Blue Sky Martini for the guests to enjoy during your reception.
Image Courtesy of OpenWalls.com
The all white reception under a tent, to continue with the theme theme.
Image Courtesy of BGTentAndAwning.blogspot.com

Regardless of what ideas a bride comes to us with, it's up to us to help her pull it all together into something she's always wanted and probably dreamed of most of her life.  Many of us use design boards to help her see it, this was mine.  I hope you found it useful.

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