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Aug 8, 2011

Need Help Proposing To Your Mate?

Just about every girl waits for the day her Prince Charming “pops the question.”  How will he do it?  When will he do it?  Where?  All of these questions have gone through our minds.  But, believe it or not, they’ve gone through his mind too!  If he wants to totally surprise you and if he wants it to be really special, he may be thinking about it a lot more than we think.
For the grooms that are looking beyond proposing after dinner and a fancy restaurant.  Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate into your personal style to craft the perfect proposal for your soon to be fiancé.

1.      Do you guys love to throw parties?  Why not invite all of your family and friends over for an “Engagement Party”, a surprise of course!  Have a select few of them wear t-shirts spelling the phrase “Will You Marry Me?”  Once she says yes, let the true engagement party begin!

2.      If neither of you are into crowds and prefer more private and intimate settings at home, how about giving her a full body massage after a long day a work?  Use her favorite music, candle light and favorite oils.  Save her left hand for last.  As you are massaging her left hand, slide the ring on and propose!
3.      Lastly, have a custom gift basket made with all of her favorite things.  Have the ring hidden in there as one of her gifts.  As she’s pulling out the items from the gift basket, make sure you’re ready to pop the question when she sees the ring!

In a recent poll, 85% of woman were upset with the way their future husband proposed.  Whatever you decide to do, make it memorable in a good way!  Something she'll always remember and will always want to share with her friends and loved ones.

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