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May 9, 2011

The Custom Gift Experience

I have two passions in life, besides shoes and chocolate.  They are weddings and personalized and unique gifts.  I absolutely love being able to create unique gifts for Weddings, Birthdays,  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day (yes, men get gift baskets too) and other special occasions, while ultimately combining my two passions (wedding and unique gifts).  This allows me to have the best of the worlds and I couldn’t be happier.

I started this blog to show that Brides (and others) could do something different for their bridal party gifts and still stay within the color scheme of their wedding.  The current trend is to personalize bridesmaids’ gifts by embroidering tote bags or engraving money clips for the groomsmen.  Giving everyone the same thing doesn’t make it special, nor does it speak to who they are as a person.  We already have them wearing the same dresses and sometimes even the same jewelry.  Do we really want to give them the same gift too?

The Poker Loving Groomsman

The Fashionable Groomsman

Taking the time to add personality to a gift goes a long way in adding a smile to your loved ones’ faces.  With the hectic lifestyle that many of us lead today, trying to figure out exactly how to customize a gift or where to get it from may be a challenge.  This blog will help guide you in the many options that are available for the special people in your life.  Leave the work to the professionals so all you have to do is worry about seeing the smile you’ve put on their faces.

For the Bridesmaid who collects things

For the Yoga Enthusiast Bridesmaid

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