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Nov 1, 2012

Maid of Honor Gift Ideas

I wanted to start a new segment, called Thankful Thursday.  Since I am often called upon to create Custom Gift Baskets for all occasions, in the series, I wanted to suggest ways a couple could say thank you to members of their bridal party.  Today, we'll start with the Maid of Honor.

I'm a huge fan of practical gifts.  Many of us have seen these hangers for the bride's wedding dress.  Wouldn't this be a special gift for your Maid of Honor to see in her closet?

Image Courtesy of Etsy.com

Another practical gift is a compact mirror.  As women, we're alway needed to touch up our make-up and fix our hair.  This custom compact mirror will always remind her of the role she played in your wedding.

Image Courtesy of Etsy.com
If you'd rather give a gift that's more personal and less practical, your Maid of Honor is sure to love this truly custom and personalized message that's beautifully framed and includes your wedding date.

Image Courtesy of Etsy.com


  1. I love the hanger idea... lots of brides get them, but it would be a great reminder of the day for a special MOH!