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Nov 6, 2012

Cuffs To Fit His Style

In many of my custom gift baskets, I often put in jewelry.  Either by request or because of something that was said in the consultation.  When I get the opportunity to create a gift basket for a man, I always try to find cuff links that fit his personality.  I think cuff links can be fun as well as stylish and allows a man to show his fun side while still being professional.  So, I've put together a few of my favorites, for those that may be looking for some grooms or groomsmen ideas on what to add with those tuxedos on wedding day.

Now what man do you  know who's not attached to his iPhone? This is the perfect cufflink for him

Photo Courtesy of GreatGiftsForMen.com
Does your man have a thing for insects or knows you do? This is a great way for him to show a tribute to the fact that you love dragonflies.
Photo Courtesy of LinkYourShirt.com
 Is he into music or plays the guitar?  He'll definitely be rocking out with these guitar cufflinks.
Photo Courtesy of LinkYourShirt.com
 If he's more into jazz and less the guitar, these cufflinks will be right up his alley.

Photo Courtesy of Etsy.com 
Is he a police officer or loves to go hunting?  Then what a great way to remind him of his passion than these bullet cufflinks?

Photo Courtesy of GadgetSin.com

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  1. What a fab selection - love the way cufflinks give the groom the opportunity to show off his quirky side!