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Oct 30, 2012

It's All In The Details

It's all about the details.  That's what I tell everyone when I put together a custom gift basket.  That's what, I believe, makes my custom gift baskets so special and so unique to the individuals that I'm putting them together for.

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What details do you come up with when you have a workaholic that loves diet Coke, the colors pink and green so much that she even made then the colors of her company, M&M candies, flip flops, is always jotting down notes, and is such the girlie girl?  This custom gift basket contained everything that would represent all of that; pink and green fuzzy flip flop note pads with pens, and M&M candy container filled with pink M&Ms, several cans of Diet Coke, and of course the basket was adorned with a pink, green, and tan ombre ribbon.  The basket was feminine, girlie, and perfect for this workaholic!

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