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Jun 23, 2011

Incorporating History Into Our Future

I grew up in the decade of the 70’s and truly hating everything about the fashion, but there were a few pieces of jewelry and family pieces that my grandmother had given me that I absolutely adored that made it worthwhile.  I just loved playing in my grandmother's jewelry box!  Today, brides are choosing to incorporate Vintage fashion into their wedding day; just to incorporate their family heirlooms, pay tribute to family members, or simply because they love the fashion of the past.
Image Courtesy of NunnBetterDesign.Blogspot.com and KristaMason.com
I remember telling my mother that I couldn’t wait for the decade to be over so people could stop wearing the crazy clothes.  I recall her telling me that at some point the past would all come back in style and I would see it (the past) all over again.  I honestly thought she was crazy but she was so right!  Now, I love seeing how brides incorporate the old with the new; the modern with the classic and create something that so elegant, unique, and totally them.
Image  Courtesy of Glitzy-N-Glamorous.com

Image Courtesy of BarnesWeddings.co.uk
Whether we're inspired by our grandmother's jewelry, lace, or grandfather's car, it's always nice when we can pay tribute and incorporate history into our future.

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