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Jan 11, 2012

To First Look or Not To First Look?

There is always much debate on whether the bride and groom should see each other prior to their wedding ceremony.  If we're following tradition, then it's considered to be bad luck to do so.  Now with everyone wanting to make their wedding truly their own, many traditions have fallen by the wayside, and this one certainly can top the list.  If you're considering a "first look" for your wedding, here are some pros and cons to doing so.

Image via Geoff Duncan Photography

The Pros:
1.  You can have some of your formals done before the ceremony and cut down on the time needed afterwards.  This eliminates the stress of having to get all of the formal photos done during the cocktail hour.
2.  Your photographer is there to capture the moment the groom sees you for the first time, all dressed up.  It's often a sweet and very intimate moment of the two of you..
3.  You can say a few words of endearment and calm any anxieties of longing to see each other and share more private and intimate feelings because no one else is around. This also allows for some very creative and romantic shots of the two of you.
4.  Your family and bridal party can attend a good portion of the cocktail hour because many of the photos were taken beforehand.  
5.  You've followed tradition.

Image via Jessica Lorren Photography
Image via Shannon Eileen

The Cons:
1.  Tradition has been broken and your groom won't be as surprised to see you as you're walking down the aisle.
2.  There will be more formal pictures that you'll have to take after the ceremony, which may cause your bridal party to miss all or most of the cocktail hour.
3.  While taking formal pictures, the couple shots are last and you may not get as many taken as you'd like, due to the loss of natural lighting or time constraints.
4.  You don't get to have any alone or private time with your mate until after the ceremony and formal pictures have been taken. In some cases, not until after the wedding.
5.  You'll have less time to get ready for your wedding and less time to spend with members of your bridal party.

Image via Toni Lynn Photography
Regardless of which direction you choose to go into, you have to do what you feel is right for you because it YOUR wedding day.  Whether you choose to keep with tradition or set your own, your wedding day won't be any less special.  As I always say, stay true to who you are and make your wedding YOU!


  1. I like this post. I personally think you shouldn't have the first look. However, if you opt for a first look your day isn't less special, you're right about that! I'm very emotional and I would want that captured in my pictures during the ceremony, plus I'm a tease. I would make him wait. LOL

  2. Love this post! The first look is such a special moment.

  3. Great post and gorgeous photos. First looks are quite rare in the UK but they're catching on, I think it's a lovely way to start your wedding off and agree about calming nerves. When I walked down the aisle (late) my groom was a nervous wreck! Also I love the intimacy of a first look. But as you say, each to their own.