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May 29, 2012

The Invitation Sets The Tone

When deciding on the style of invitation for your wedding or event.  Regardless of its style, shape, or color, your guests will be looking forward to an event that that will be just as unique as the invitation you chose. 

With that being said, the latest trend in invitation design is the circle and rotating style invitations.  They are different, they are unique, and they are totally non-traditional and almost bear no resemblance to the basic style of invitation from those days when I dreamed of getting married, which is almost 25 years ago!

Image via WeddingInviteLove.com
If you've chosen a round invitation for your wedding or event, what should your guests expect?  They should expect something different.  They should expect something different in your design, in your decor, and maybe even your color palette.  They should be expecting to see your style and personality throughout the event because you've decided to do away with tradition.

Image via BlueEyeBrownEye.com
What does it say about you as an individual or couple?  It may say that you love to think outside of the box and love to dance to the beat of your own drum.  What's more outside of the box than having an interactive invitation, such as the one below?  You can invite guests to your event and have them get excited about spinning the wheel to find out the pertinent details of the event, rather than just simply reading them, all at the same time.

Image via Burning-House.com
Your invitation is the start of your event.  When sitting with your stationer or designer to create your custom and personalized invitation suite, make sure it's one that speaks to your style and personality.  Happy planning!

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