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Oct 22, 2012

An Elegant Men's Gift Basket

Custom gift baskets is what I do and that’s what Wrapped Couture is all about.  Many people have told me that it’s more of a DIY kinda thing!  What I do is totally different than putting things in in a gift basket.  What makes my gift baskets custom, you might ask?  They are custom because I take the time to find out about the person, through a one-on-one consultation with the gift giver.  This allows me the opportunity to design a custom gift basket; with a specific theme in mind.  Every item is hand-picked to fit that theme, with my client in mind.  Today is Men’s Monday and I’ll be showing you how one of my favorite baskets came to be.

I was contacted to create a basket for Father’s Day.  What I discovered during the consultation is that this man loved chocolate, tea, and silver jewelry.  He was also tough and rugged but simply preferred tea over coffee, which surprised most people.  When asked “What one thing must be included in the gift basket?” I was told that there must be his favorite cologne because “he loved it so much.”  Like most of my clients, I’m trusted to create whatever I’d like, based on the consultation alone, and she was no different.

Photo from my Personal Camera Phone
When she presented the gift basket to him, I got a call from her saying how much he loved it and that he had had a cup of chocolate tea with his breakfast (chocolate tea was in the gift basket).  She also told me that he had cleared off the coffee table and used the gift basket as the new centerpiece for the day!  I am always pleased to get responses like that!

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