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Nov 21, 2012

Contemporary Baby Shower Basket

I know Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I'm finally getting into the spirit!  I was asked if I had ever created a basket for a baby shower or if I could.  Of course, I said yes.  The baby is due to be born on Thanksgiving day.  Although, Thanksgiving is a special day for many of us, she wanted something specifically for her friend and the baby that kept the focus on her being a new and first-time mom.  I completely understood and showed her a basket that I had done last year for a contemporary mom.

Photo via Mobile Phone (Pre-New Logo change)
This basket was created because, during the consultation, it was discovered that the mom-to-be was contemporary and wanted a gift basket that was not full of diapers.  She wanted to put things in the nursery, which were blue and green, and she she also loved fashion

I've always felt that some gifts at a babyshower should include some for the mom to use after the baby is born, since she's often and quickly forgotten about.  With that being said, this basket included a book a stories for the mom-to-be to read to the baby in the nursery, an overall picture frame with a hanger and 12 spaces for the first year of the baby's life, a picture frame, a scrapbook of baby's special moments, a teddy bear, a blue bracelet, and a silk scarf.

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